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In April 4 archers went to Lilleshall for the British Blind Sport Archery National Indoor Championships. We came away with one first, two seconds and one third. John Bower set a new UK record for the WA Vi Indoor round.
The Sunday saw a match with Team VI versus the spotters. The spotters won 4310 to 4268

12 archers attended the indoor week which took place in February.
The Monday round was a Portsmouth being shot for the Laurie Austin trophy. Michael Surgeoner was first, Tom Roddy second and John Cunnington third.
Tuesday's round was a Double Bray 1. Michael Surgeoner was first, Jo Long second and John Cunnington and Graham Walker equal third.
Wednesday's round was a Worcester. Graham Walker was first with Jocky Elliot second and John Cunnington third.
Thursday's round was a Portsmouth. Michael Surgeoner was first, Paul Palmer second and Peter Price third.
On Thursday evening there was a match against Ditchling. The Round was a WA 25m. Our winning team was Jocky Elliott, John Bower, Jo Long and Ron. The team score was 5827 to Ditchling's score of 5818.
Friday's round was a WA18m.
The archery's club Combined round results were John Bower, first, Jo Long second and Ron third.

At the AGM in February there were changes to the committee. Chair Jo Long Vice-Chair Paul Palmer Committee Graham Walker, John Bower and Jocky Elliot.

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