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In Novemberber I received the sad news of Kelvin Platt. He had been one of our archers and has sadly passed away.

4 archers went to Lilleshall for the British Blind Sport national outdoor archery championships. We cam away with 1 first and 3 thirds.

During the August archery week John Cunnington resigned as chair and Carol Davies is acting chair until the AGM in February 2019.

The August week’s results are as follows. Monday 20th was a shoot against City of Norwich archers. The round was a Junior Windsor. City of Norwich archers won 5902 to our 5886. Our archers who made in the team are Jocky Elliot, John Bower Carol Davies and Paul Palmer. Tuesday 21st the round was a WA30m. First was Jocky Elliot, second was Jo Long and third was John Bower. Thursday 23rd the round was a Burntwood Bristol which was shot for the club championships. These are the archers who came first in their respective categories. Totally blind category John Bower. Tactile category Peter Price. Bowsight recurve category Graham Walker. Barebow category Jocky Elliot. Ladies category Carol Davies.

Friday 24th the round was a Beacon round. This is a Burntwood Windsor shot at 30 yards. First was John Bower, second was Jo Long and third was Peter Price.

Good news! From 2019 onwards we now have a weekend back at the start of each of our archery weeks. This means that we can now visit sighted clubs or host shoots against them.

At the Archery GBAGM held on Saturday 21st April, David Poyner was awarded a silver plaquette.

It is with great regret that I have to announce the death of Norman Perry. He passed away on Monday 16th April. Norman was the founder member of St Dunstans Archery club and the co-founding member of British Blind Sport Archery.
He was the original developer of what we now call tactile archery. He began in the chalk cellars of St Dunstans, Ovingdean. He used a cymbal stand and a paint brush as a tactile sight. This was around 1975 with St Dunstans AC being formed in 1977 and British Blind Sport Archery being formed in 1985.
He will be sadly missed.

During our indoor archery week in February we held our AGM. At this David Poyner stood down as chair. He had been on the committee for 17 years, 3 as vice-chair and 14 as chair.. Peter Price also stood down from the committee.

The new committee following this meeting is:
Chair John Cunnington
Vicechair Carol Davies
Committee members
Graham Walker, Derek McDonald, Dennis Murphy and John Bower.

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