St. Dunstans Archery Club

British Blind Sport National Outdoor 2005 Results 10/9/2005

Round shot - Burntwood VIIR

Below are the results for St. Dunstans Archers who competed in the above event.

Archer Category Total Score Position in Category
David Poyner B2/3 Compound 697 First
Peter Hammond B1 Compound 537 First
Tom Roddy VI Open Recurve 935 Second
Terry Ottewell B2/3 Recurve 647 Second
Nigel Whiteley B2/3 Compound 498 Second
Clive Jones B1 Recurve 350 Second
Harry Docherty B1 Recurve 289 Third
Norman Perry B1 Compound 269 Third
Marjorie Scott B2/3 Recurrve 217 Third

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