Blind Veterans UK Bowmen formerly St Dunstans

Silly Ass Award

This award was presented to the club by David Poyner in 2007. It is to be awarded each year to the person involved with the Archery Club who makes or says the biggest faux pas.

2016 Awarded to Carol Davies who couldn’t manage to get her pop-up bivi to stay down.

2015 Awarded to Robert Harvey.

2014 Awarded to Brian Muggridge again!. This time he decided to move teh trophy table to a better position for photographs. The table collapsed. He set the table up again and once again the table collapsed.

2013 Awarded to Carolyn Day - who took the words of the chairman as gospel and waited 30 minutes for a light dusting of talcum powder.

picture of Carolyn being presented Eeyore by David

2012 Awarded to John Bower - who never remembered how many arrows to shoot and regularly packed up six arrows early.

2011 Not awarded.

2010 - Awarded to Keith - who thought the clouds were in fact stars.

2009 - Awarded to Pat - who thought that the English Channel was the Atlantic Ocean.

2008 - Awarded to John Grout - who attempted to shield Keith from the wind to prevent his arrows blowing off the launcher.

2007 - Awarded to Brian who after carrying equipment into the roof space, stood back to admire his handiwork and promptly went through the ceiling.

picture of Brian and Eeyore

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